The super pantry

Kalka Rochedale display home butler's pantry laundry kitchen shelves

With a recent rise in popularity, the sought-after luxury of a butler’s pantry has managed to creep itself onto the wish list of a lot of our clients. And why not, we think—they’re fantastic.

The butler’s pantry is an extension of the kitchen, giving the homeowner additional space for storage, another area to prepare food and a place to hide kitchen mess from guests so it’s no wonder  it can be a stand-out feature in any home.

We thought we’d share a few tips on what to include in a butler’s pantry to ensure you’re getting the best use of space.

Maximise bench space

It’s important to try and maximise as much bench space as possible. Bench space is great for preparation and even putting appliances on. A handy hint if you don’t have the luxury of a large space is that the benchtops don’t need to be the same depth as the kitchen benchtops.

Open shelves

Kalka Wooloowin display home butler's pantry kitchen shelves

Most butler’s pantries will have an entrance door that can be closed so that the space is not visible from the kitchen. This means you don’t need to worry about having doors on the cabinets inside the pantry. You should be able to walk into a butler’s pantry, look around and quickly find what you need. A great idea is to incorporate some adjustable height shelving in there too—that way you can move their heights depending on what you want to store in there.

Power points

You can never have too many power points. Well, you can, but more power points in the butler’s pantry mean less clutter in your kitchen. Daily appliances such as toasters, kettles or coffee machines can be plugged in and ready to go in a butler’s pantry—that way you don’t have to pack them away every day.


It’s quite common that butler’s pantries don’t have windows, so creating light is really important—we recommend downlights as they illuminate dark spaces well. Another great idea is to have the butler’s pantry lighting connected to a motion sensor—this saves on electricity and means you can walk in and out without thinking about switches.