The love of the louvre window

Kalka Rochedale display home upstairs media room lourve

In tropical and subtropical climates like South East Queensland, louvre windows aid in climate control by encouraging and allowing for airflow throughout a home, which is just one of the reasons why we love them.

Our louvre windows are supplied by Breezway.

Good Architects and designers understand that louvres require deliberation. To replace existing windows with louvres or fit an entire home with them would be quite costly—so the key is strategically placing louvres in the best locations throughout a home to encourage the greatest amount of airflow.

To achieve this it’s important to understand the environmental conditions of the block the home is on. At Kalka, we take into consideration:

  • Topography—the arrangement of natural features. Is the lot flat or on the side of a hill? If it’s on a hill, what side of the hill is it on?
  • Aspect—the direction the home will be facing with respect to the views or street frontage.
  • Prevailing breeze directions.
  • Sun angles.

Unlike post war Queensland homes, the modern louvre is manufactured to comply with the building legislation fall prevention requirements and they’re also able to be fitted with screens to allow for maximum airflow, but also keep insects out. Louvres also decrease energy requirements and reliance on artificial heating and cooling, proving a brilliant green alternative.