Small lot building specialists

Kalka streetscape small lot homes sloping block

A look into why Kalka are Brisbane’s inner city small lot home specialists….

When you think of inner city living, what comes to mind? Maybe the convenience of being close to work and minimising a pain staking commute. Maybe it’s the lifestyle? But what do you substitute in return? Space? A backyard?

For many, inner city living means giving up on the dream of owning a beautiful family home and downsizing to an apartment in the hustle and bustle of the CBD. And while apartment living is definitely suited to some, the strata levies associated with residential towers, the ‘no pets’ rule and minimal parking space can make for a difficult living arrangement—particularly for families.

Yet statistics show that Brisbane’s population is experiencing continual growth. In fact, according to the latest reports, Brisbane’s metropolitan zone has a population of 2.3 million meaning there has to be a demand in the residential market.

An increasing number of inner city dwellers are starting to look further afield when choosing their family home and the solution for many is Kalka’s compact yet individually customised family homes. Offering a unique take on inner city living, residents are able to enjoy the best of both worlds with the benefits of a central Brisbane location mixed with style, liveability, quality and value. Utilising narrow blocks within the inner Brisbane area, Kalka offers a range of ready-to-move into homes as well as architecturally designed and customised homes, which allow for flexibility to suit individual budgets, needs and personal taste.

Kalka has been described as a building company with a difference. Builders, designers and development managers are all rolled into one and when you choose Kalka, you choose quality. You choose style and sophistication, but more than that—you choose a team of dedicated people who guide you through an entire journey of building your dream home.