Maximising natural light in your home

Kalka Rochedale Display Home Master Bedroom Suite

Natural light in a home not only contributes towards improving mood and health, it also makes the home warmer and helps save on electricity. We’ve noted a few ideas on how you can fit out your home to utilise the natural light.

Use light colours

Paint the walls and ceiling a light colour. White will always reflect natural light the best, which is why our Kalka homes are always painted in white tones to take advantage of light and space.

Make use of mirrors

A well-placed mirror can enhance the lighting in the room. Mirrors set opposite windows or even lamps can create a significant light reflection.


Flooring should be a serious consideration when trying to maximise the natural light in your home. Light-toned, polished wooden floorboards are a great light reflector—but if you prefer other materials, keep in mind neutrals are an ideal option.

Kakla Rochedale Display Home Upstairs Light

Furniture positioning

Where possible, avoid directly blocking a window’s light stream with furniture and remember that light-coloured furnishings will help create the illusion of a light room.

Windows and furnishings

Consider installing large windows to harness maximum light flow and avoid using heavy, dark curtains.

We utilise a mix of these suggestions to maximise natural light in the home.