Making your bathroom seem bigger

Kalka bathroom National HIA winner Project Home

At Kalka, we build a lot of inner city, small-lot homes, which means we need to be creative with our space. Brisbane City Council Small Lot Code defines small lot homes as areas less than 450m² or areas less than 600m² (excluding the driveway, if a rear lot).

We get a lot of feedback saying that our homes look so much bigger than they actually are, so how do you make the most of what you’ve got when space is a factor? The good news is that you can make a small bathroom look much larger, and it doesn’t mean having to move walls. There are numerous ways you can make a small bathroom work.

Here are a few tips on how to maximise space in your bathroom:


Ensure you use a maximum of two colours, and colours that are not too different remembering that dark rooms always feel smaller than lighter ones, no matter what their size.


Use a large mirror. The mirror’s reflection creates the illusion of it being a larger space and also adds a sophisticated touch. If possible, placing a mirror opposite the bathroom window makes the bathroom feel brighter by reflecting the light, and can also create an illusion of two windows—which can make the room seem wider.

Glass dividers

Using a clear glass divider creates the illusion that there’s nothing there. Adding textured glass for privacy breaks up the space and will instantly make the space appear smaller. A clear glass divider is also a great alternative to an opening shower door. When you have a shower door that opens outwards, you are automatically limiting your options in terms of where you can locate your cabinets or toilet.

Kalka Rochedale display home bathroom wet room


Consider a wetroom, or having a shower over bath setup. We often include the bath and shower in the same wet area, which is a very practical standpoint for a small bathroom as it maximises space.