Knockdown Rebuild – the renovation alternative

Kalka Wooloowin display home front facade knockdown rebuild

When recreating your dream home renovating is not your only option. Many people don’t realise that it can actually work out to be much more affordable and less time consuming to choose a full knockdown and rebuild. Here are our top reasons why a knockdown rebuild could be your next best decision.

Less expensive option

When it comes to a knockdown rebuild, all costs are disclosed and discussed upfront. They are surprisingly lower (per square metre) than renovating or building somewhere new. In the long run, you can also look at reducing your running costs and utilities, by incorporating energy efficient devices in your new contemporary home design.

Less risk

A knockdown rebuild is often less risky than renovating. The major problem with renovating is having to deal with the ‘unknown’ factor. You never know what construction problems you might encounter once you begin ripping up floorboards, pulling down walls and so on. Renovating can open up a window to ‘hidden’ costs and excess time, often not budgeted for.

Lifestyle and convenience

Rebuilding allows you to minimise major lifestyle disruption. Remaining in the same neighbourhood and location, there is no need to re-establish your family’s routines. You can continue to enjoy your surroundings that you have grown to love over the years, without having to undergo any great lifestyle changes. If you love the area of your existing home but the house you currently live in no longer works, then knocking down and rebuilding is the perfect option.

Creative freedom

With a knockdown rebuild, you essentially have a blank canvas to work with. Different to renovating, you don’t have to work around existing structures and dated floor plans. You have the opportunity to start fresh and create the home of your dreams. You can make room for features like alfresco dining quadrants, zoned family areas or gourmet kitchens. Working with Kalka’s award winning home designs mean the possibilities are endless.

Projected timeframe

Building a brand new home proves to be the much quicker and simpler option. The demolition and construction timeframes are established before moving forward and since there are no hidden surprises through construction, completion times are more predictable.

Be sure to check out our step by step guide to Kalka’s knockdown rebuild process.