The finished product – what is my home really going to look like?

Kalka moonah front facade render

When you are designing a home from scratch, interpreting plans on paper is incredibly tricky.  Getting a true sense of the scale, look and feel and overall scheme is near impossible for most clients, especially those that have never built before.

In years gone, when a home was designed with an architect often clients would finalise the design process with a to scale model of the home being built by a model maker.  A labour of love for the model maker and expensive addition for the home buyer.

At Kalka, we offer a similar service to our clients – with greater flexibility and speed through the use of ARCHICAD modelling.  ARCHICAD enables a 3D render of any part of the house to give our clients a greater sense of assurance and confidence through a true replication of what their finished home will look like.

Benefits of 3D Modelling:

  • Better visualisation, offering greater assurance and confidence for the client
  • A check for errors in the drawing process for a smoother construction phase
  • Better insight to the house flow and spaces, and consequently assisting in finishes, fixtures, furniture placement decisions later down the line.
  • Less changes in the construction phase preventing cost creep