Consistently higher resale values

Kalka 43 Wilden Street Paddington Renovation kitchen

As with any spend on your property, return on investment is paramount.  Will it stack up if or when you eventually sell the property?

So how can you ensure a higher resale value?  Our General Manager, Drewe McCredie outlined his top three:

  • Design and quality are paramount, homes that look great, feel great and just work for everyday family life.
  • Experience – There are plenty of challenges building across Brisbane – the typography of the city with small, narrow and sloping blocks, character overlay restrictions to name just a few. Working with a builder who has experience dealing with these challenges will help to avoid budget blow outs which will ultimately affect your ROI.
  • Advice – This ties into experience, but you need good advice. Where does the value lie in your property?  Should you renovate, should you knock down and rebuild, should you sub-divide?

We’ve taken a snapshot of some of the inner city, small lot (homes on 450m2 or less) small-lot homes we developed in the past few years – and over the past four years, capital gains to Kalka properties sold have averaged at a growth of 21%.

43 Wilden Street, Paddington. 

An extensive custom renovation project in collaboration with Shaun Lockyer architects and Kalka.  This property sold in September 2013 reaching a record price at auction.

Sold September 2013 – 11% capital gain

41 and 43 Reading Street, Paddington

Sub division of a block into two small lots of approximately for two 4 bedroom, 2,5 bathroom homes.  These properties are within a Traditional Building Character Overlay area, and the slightly modified facades Augusta and Ellanora were chosen for their compliance with this zoning.

41 Reading St Sold May 2013 – 38% capital gain

43 Reading St Sold March 2014 – 38% capital gain

57 Tranters Ave, Camp Hill

A knock down and rebuild project on to create a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a Muirfield façade.

Sold January 2016 – 20% capital gain

84 Jean Street, Grange 

Winner of the 2016 HIA National Project Home of the Year

Knock down rebuild project to create a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home featuring the Oakmont façade.

Sold June 2016 – 21% capital gain

37a Piddington Street, Ashgrove 

Sub division and knock down rebuild.  Small lot development using a ‘Wentworth’ façade, this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home was sold 6 months after completion.

Sold October 2016 – 20% capital gain

 *Based on a selection of Kalka Development and Client projects built and sold from September 2013.  Brisbane property prices have risen 4.2% in the past 12 months.