Benefits of a small lot home in Brisbane

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When it comes to your home, is bigger really better? It’s fair to say that while we all want a beautifully designed and perfectly positioned home, we also want a practical and sensible lifestyle.

Achieving the balance is something many home buyers strive for: affordability, liveability and convenience—but how do we get it? When you think about it, the ‘Great Australian Dream’ has changed over time. Spending hours out in the scorching Queensland sun chasing the lawnmower around a huge backyard is something many home buyers are glad to walk away from.

While the big backyard, swimming pool and manicured gardens might sound ideal in theory, the upkeep can prove to be too much work in our time-poor society.

There has been a noticeable shift towards downsizing the way we live, and for good reason. Minimising our lifestyle can minimise our stress, our outgoing expenses and wastage. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with small lot living:

Reduce you environmental footprint

In small lot homes the price of utilities can reduce dramatically. There’s less space to warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can also incorporate natural lighting and ventilation into the initial design process as well as maximise sunlight and natural air with open lounge/outdoor entertaining areas. There’s room to be self-sufficient with your own little veggie patch, while the water usage needed to maintain it is minimal.

Great investment opportunity

Small lots give first home owners the chance to enter the market at an affordable rate. Cheaper than a standard home with more room than a unit/apartment, they are also a great investment opportunity. You can buy a property, subdivide the land and build two small lots, rather than one huge home. Live in one and rent or sell the other.

Low maintenance

Welcome back your weekends. Less space equals less upkeep—everything becomes more manageable. You can get on top of repairs, your housekeeping chores are reduced, the backyard is controllable and you can get really clever with some neat storage ideas. Small space living means more free time for the good things in life.

Family friendly/ great location

Location, location, and location. It’s the selling point of any home. Small lot living is the affordable yet comfortable option to inner city living. You are situated in a central location with all the amenities you need at your doorstep: public transport, shops, work, restaurants, schools, parks and attractions. You can have a small backyard for the kids and pets without giving up your weekends to maintain it. Say goodbye to the long commute to work and hello to a much more relaxed and central lifestyle.

Stylish and sophisticated living

Small lot homes are cleverly designed to incorporate multi-use, functional spaces. Rather than having unused rooms and wasted space, small lot homes are architecturally designed with careful consideration to practicality, storage and climate. Kalka particularly focuses on producing a modern style in all their homes by way of design, materials, features and fixtures.