The benefits of bespoke joinery


What is bespoke joinery?

“Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser.”  Wikipedia.

The biggest single benefit to custom designed and fit joinery is that it allows us to make the most of every space in a home.  This can mean extra storage, extra display, integrated furniture or a way to disguise whitegoods.

Well-designed joinery not only fits your space perfectly it allows for you to make use of your space in a way that works best for you.


  1. Custom/Forms meets function

The advantage of working with a bespoke joinery company or Interior Designer is that they can help you to design the joinery that you require and ensure it works with the rest of the house.  Custom joinery can also add to the useable living space of your home – hence adding value to your home.

You can create a design that suits your needs for Storage, Office paired with the best selections for Lighting and power to suit the task.  Often pieces incorporate flexible solutions – a benchseat that includes a TV unit, a cupboard that includes a hidden away desk space and office storage.  Custom joinery allows you to maximize space and function within a home and makes sense of how you live. And often adds value at the same time with a beautiful custom designed and made piece.

If you need to have a piece made to suit your existing furniture and joinery – a cabinet maker can match existing detailing and finishes to create a seamless look between new and old pieces.

  1. Australian Made.   

When you invest in local artisans, manufacturers and suppliers, you help to preserve a craft and livelihood passed down for many generations and support local industry.

You also become familiar with their ideology behind their craft and learn where the materials are sourced from, what kind of working conditions are involved for the suppliers and the ethical nature in which they trade and operate.

  1. Quality – Long lasting

Well made custom joinery will often outlive a store bought piece and it becomes an added feature to your home.  Often featuring unique design, handcrafted, high quality materials and traditional manufacturing methods custom joinery pieces are often of much higher quality that the generic store bought equivalents.

Is it worth it?

A good cabinet maker will take the time to really understand your needs as well as your home and style.  Once you have an agreed design, they can present lots of options in terms of materials, manufacturing methods and finishes that will align with your budget.

Custom joinery is often more expensive, however if you consider the numerous store bought solutions that are purchased in trying to find the one that works the best – it may work out the same in the long run.